Sell House In Probate

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Have You Recently Lost a Loved One?
Losing a loved one is always difficult. Unfortunately, this period of grief can be further complicated when it comes to settling your loved one’s affairs – especially when their estate is subject to probate.

Probate can be an expensive and time consuming process which can take months or even years to settle. And, as the probate process goes on, bills can pile up putting additional financial strain on the estate and further complicating the settlement process for the family or survivors.

Do You Need Help Settling an Estate?
If you have been appointed as the executor or personal representative of an estate or have been entrusted with disposing of a decedent’s property, we may be able to help you get cash for the real and personal property stuck in the probate process.

We Can Provide Quick Solutions for Your Real Estate and Probate Needs
At Your Probate Company, we specialize in helping people get through the probate process easily. We find quick, creative solutions to solve your specific real estate and probate needs. Best of all, we will handle all of the necessary paperwork so you can put your headaches behind you!

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The first step to understanding the probate process is to understand what probate is.

What Is Probate?
When a person passes away, they leave behind their “estate.” An “estate” consists of a person’s assets (i.e. money, real estate, worldly possessions, etc…) as well as their debts (i.e. unpaid taxes, outstanding expenses, etc…). Probate is the court-supervised process of settling any unpaid debt and distributing the remaining assets appropriately among the deceased’s heirs or beneficiaries.

An Overview of the Probate Process
Probate proceedings take place in the state where the deceased was living at the time of their death. It is important to understand that probate processes vary from state to state; therefore, we are only able to provide an overview of the general probate processes. If you are involved with an estate that is subject to probate, it is important to work with someone familiar with the probate system in the state in which the estate is in probate.

After a person passes away, their affairs need to be put in order. In many cases, a person’s estate is placed in probate as the means to finalize a person’s financial affairs after their death. When an estate is in probate, an executor or personal representative will be assigned to organize the deceased assets with the help of the probate system.

The probate process begins when the executor opens a case with the court. The executor is then responsible for inventorying and organizing the deceased’s qualifying assets. Once completed, the executor is responsible for paying any remaining debts that are owed by the estate. Finally, the executor has the task of actually distributing the remaining property to the beneficiaries as they have been instructed to do so in the will, or if there is not the will, according to the law.

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Reasons To Sell

When faced with the loss of a loved one, there are a number of reasons – both voluntary and involuntary – why people choose to use our solutions during the probate process.

  1. To Satisfy Debts – During the probate process, it may become necessary to liquidate assets held within the estate (including personal and real property) to satisfy debts incurred before and during the probate process.
  2. To Prevent Foreclosure – Mortgage payments must be kept current during the probate process to prevent the property from entering the foreclosure process. In many cases, this can put a financial strain on the estate if the probate process draws out for an extended period of time and the estate does not have the necessary funds to make the payments.
  3. To Keep Costs to a Minimum – In some cases a property is in poor condition and the estate does not have the funds necessary to repair and maintain it.
  4. To Avoid the Emotional Stress – The loss of a loved one can put extreme emotional stress on anyone facing the situation. In many cases, disposing of the loved one’s possessions is just too much and they would prefer to take a fair settlement and have someone else dispose of the belongings.
  5. To Gain Capital to Satisfy Another Need – In many situations, a beneficiary needs the money from their loved one’s estate. When everything is tied up in probate, they cannot access the money. Our solution delivers quick cash.
  6. To Eliminate the Challenges – With family and friends spread around the world, it is very easy to end up in probate thousands of miles away from where you reside. In many cases, the parties involved may not have ever seen the property in question and don’t want to travel to see it now. {Company} can give you a fair, quick cash offer to eliminate the hassle and will even do the necessary paperwork for you.

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