Private Lender

Do you have an IRA or any other investment capital where you are not getting a high rate of return safely?

We buy and sell properties and sometimes borrow short term funds from individuals such as yourself to purchase and rehab these houses.

Your money is secured by a 1st mortgage, plus 3 months pre-payment penalty.

We never touch your money; all funds are held in escrow by Title Company until closing.

The transaction is closed by professionals with a lenders title policy, insurance policy, and all the other appropriate documentation.

We never borrow more than 70% of the after retail value of the house.

Does this sound interesting to you?

If you are ready to discuss just call 1-832-791-2090 to leave a message and a representative will be in contact with you at your convenience.

All information is kept “strictly confidential”

NOTE: This is not a public offering or offer or invitation to sell securities or make an investment.  Securities may only be offered or sold in the state or states where they are registered or under an exempt offering.