How To Sell Your House In 7 Days

How To Sell Your House In 7 Days And Put Thousands More In Your Pocket!

Trying to sell your home can be a Nightmare!  Learn How We Can Help, and you may very well have a qualified retail buyer within 7 days.  Just who is that retail buyer?  Our network of qualified property investors.  While we can’t promise to buy your home during the next week, we can tell you we’re constantly looking for and buying homes just like yours from other homeowners in your area.

Who Are We?
We utilize a group of highly skilled investors who offer expert, immediate solutions like: stopping foreclosure, bankruptcy help, relocation, divorce help, selling estate settlements and dealing with problem tenants and severely damaged properties.  If any of these situations describe you keep reading for valuable information that can relieve you of your ownership burdens Today!

Why Don’t I Just List With A Real Estate Agent?
For many homeowners like you facing divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, relocation, estate settlements, problem tenants or a severely damaged property, you need a solution Today.  This is a difficult market we are in.  These are tough times and it is difficult for people to get financing.  Trying to sell your home the old fashioned way by listing with a Real Estate Agent and waiting 6-9 months for a retail buyer just isn’t an option.  A typical retail buyer also takes an additional 45-60 days to obtain financing after agreeing to purchase your home.  Guess who would be responsible to pay the payments on your home during that period? You would!!  That’s 2 more payments you would have to make, and that’s if you had a retail buyer that could qualify for a loan.  What if it takes 6 months; what if it takes 1 year?  On top of that, if your house needs work you may have to pay to fix it before the bank will lend the money to your retail buyer.  How much could that cost? Not to mention how much longer it could take to get the house ready to sell.

Unlike commissioned Real Estate Agents just wanting to list your house, we are investors interested in actually buying your house.  Unlike a Real Estate Agent’s listing agreement where you are responsible for your payments while the Real Estate Agent tries to find a retail buyer, we will oftentimes take over your mortgage payments for you immediately when we purchase your home!  Also, unlike a Real Estate Agent, there is no listing agreement and no 6-7% selling commission.  Additionally, closing costs which are the responsibility of the seller (that’s you!), typically run about 3%.  Those two costs alone add up to $10,000 on a $100,000 house.  That’s $10,000 you would have to pay to sell your home the traditional way!

Why Don‘t I Just Advertise It "For Sale By Owner"?
People who’ve never tried to sell a home themselves just don’t seem to understand all that’s involved:  The details, the time, the waiting, the ads that never seem to make the phone ring, having strangers walking through your bedroom.  Strangers that feel obligated to pick apart the most trivial features of your interior decorating tastes.  Two-faced people, who will smile, nod and act serious, but never call back.

It can be a much bigger hassle than you ever thought possible … in fact, it can easily turn into your worst nightmare; you buy your sign, you place your ad, and you show your home.  Then, you wait.  You call back the lookers and leave messages on their answering machines.  Maybe you actually get a live one, and write up an agreement.

Several weeks pass.  You start thinking something’s going wrong.  You finally reach your "retail buyer" on the phone 3 weeks later and they nonchalantly say, "Oh, well we’ve decided not to buy the house after all, sorry".  You’re back at the beginning with no retail buyer and another mortgage payment due in 5 days.  This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence experienced by homeowners trying to sell their homes themselves.

How Are Your Programs Different?
We actually want to buy your house, not list it for sale or tie it up indefinitely.  We won’t waste your time with empty promises or by giving you false hopes.  If we can buy your house we will tell you in a matter of days, if not we will give you some suggestions on how you might be able to sell it quicker.  The purchase price will be sufficient, we guarantee it.  We can immediately take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage payments off your back, and we’ll also take care of any fix-ups or maintenance, regardless of how minor or how serious. What’s more, we’ll close when you’re ready.

You see, we’ve found we can make a profit on homes that even real estate agents have passed up … because we personally handle the whole process.  When we agree with you to purchase your property … we take it seriously … we treat your house like it’s our own.  Your situation literally becomes our own.  And, frankly, we don’t know how to make it work any other way.

Benefits to Sellers
For you the Seller we thought that we should summarize the benefits of our programs.  Maybe not all these points apply to you, but most should:

Rapid, flexible sale of your home – You select the date that you want to move out.  We can complete our transaction in 7 days!

Certainty of Sale – Avoid the disappointment of ‘selling’ you home, waiting 45 days for a retail buyer to qualify and then finding out the deal fell through for any number of reasons.  Then the process starts all over again, but the pressure is really on you now.

  • Avoid Sales Commissions – No need to pay a Real Estate Agent the typical 6-7% fee.

  • You Get Quick Relief from Mortgage Payments – Compare that with a Home Listing that can go on forever!!

  • Avoid Typical Closing Costs – Avoid the necessity of paying for Surveys, Title Insurance, Deed Preparation, Courier Fees, Recording Fees, etc.

  • Eliminate a Listing Agreement – We provide a Sales and Purchase Agreement; remember we are BUYING your home.

  • Eliminate Time Consuming House Showings – You won’t have to show your home anymore.  We'll purchase it the first time.

If you’re ready to take advantage of this revolutionary new service, simply fill out our SELL YOUR HOUSE form and our investors will contact you to discuss the sale of your house.  Need more reasons, then just read on…

You can get on with your life!
Like we said earlier, people sell homes for various reasons.  Maybe it’s a new job that requires a transfer, and they don’t want to carry double house payments.  Maybe it’s a company downsizing that creates the problem.  It could be bankruptcy or foreclosure … or they could’ve won the lottery.  Perhaps they want to build … they’re tired of the same old neighborhood … they need something bigger something smaller.  It could be death or divorce … or marriage or birth.  Maybe they tried renting their house and the tenants destroyed it or refuse to move out.  Whether you’re moving across town or across the US, to a new home or to an apartment, you’ve got other things to concern you.  We’ll take care of your home.
We Buy Rental Houses

Whatever it is, that house has become something to move beyond.  To sell, to put behind you, so you can get on with the business of living your life.

We’re not being cynical … this is reality. Granted we don’t know your particular reasons for selling, but we do know how to get your house closed as quickly, and as professionally as possible.

In fact …

Here’s the game plan to sell your house quickly …
After we agree on the purchase price, and verify the amount you owe on your mortgage (assuming there is a mortgage), if the circumstances are right we may pay all cash at the closing.  If not, we may work out monthly payments for a period.  Whichever way you go …

You get immediate relief from your monthly obligation to the mortgage company!

Please don’t misunderstand or assume that we have to "steal" your home, or that you need a lot of equity, or that your home has to be in good condition for us to be interested.  We’ve worked with all kinds of circumstances and have been thoroughly trained to create solutions after so-called "experts" have given up and quit.

What do we do now?
We know that this is a lot of information to digest at one time, but if you’re still with us at this point, chances are you’re interested in doing whatever it takes to

If you want an alternative to the stale, conventional ways of selling your house, fill out our SELL YOUR HOUSE form now!  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

As we said before, if we can’t do business, that’s OK.  We buy lots of houses and we don’t have to have this house.  We continue to buy homes every day.  Houses just like yours.

Just remember that we don’t want to list your house, we want to buy it. We specialize in buying houses quickly.  We urge you to let us try.  You have nothing to lose.

Finally – We don’t know how many months you’ve been trying to sell your house (or thinking about selling) but every month you wait is costing you unnecessary expenses … eating up the precious income you work so hard to earn.  Your house is an asset … sell it as an asset.  Don’t let it become a liability, a burden, and the proverbial "monkey on your back".  Even a Dream Home can become a Financial Nightmare.  There’s a real good chance that we can help.  Don’t procrastinate … fill out a SELL YOUR HOUSE form TODAY!